Alliance of the Jorge
Alliance of the Jorge
Mission Statement Develop new ways of spreading Jorge.
Founder(s) Jorge
Kalle Havumäki
Jarion Monroe
Location Pennsylvania, USA
(Gorge Forged by Jorge)

The Alliance of the Jorge is a secretive company dedicated to developing new technologies for further aiding Team Jorge. Their influence is considered to be of great importance to the company while appearing very minimal to everyone else.


The history of the alliance is kept vague, but there are a few details we do know. It was created shortly after the Gorge Forged by Jorge headquarters was set up. The association's purpose was to develop new ways of stretching Team Jorge's popularity to its fullest potential. With the help of Jarion Monroe, Jorge and Kalle Havumäki eventually achieved this goal, and the alliance was born. Shortly afterwards the Gorge Forged by Jorge became the official headquarters for the league, with Team Jorge establishing a new home base in Georgia, USA.

Outside of this, knowledge of their motives are unknown and kept classified. The only members of the alliance are Jorge, Kalle, and Jarion; each of which refuse to comment on the inner workings of the union. However, many peculiar events have occurred at the Gorge Forged by Jorge, which are often linked to the association as its their HQ.


The alliance's logo was originally made as a gag by Cridone for the Battle of Regalis. Afterwards the logo went unused up until the creation of this wiki, where Cridone combined the Team Jorge logo and the alliance logo to form the site's banner, although the banner was later replaced with the current one. It was eventually established that the alliance was sort of a sub section of Team Jorge itself.