It's not what you do, it's what you do with Financial Independence.
~ Robert "Bobble" Bell
Bobble in the Red Golf Carts HQ
Sex Male
Occupation(s) Founder & CEO of Bobble Corporation

Bobble (born Robert Bell, May 27, ████) for short, is an enthusiastic American entrepreneur, philosopher, sweet genius and inventor. He is the founder and CEO of Bobble Corporation and its largest division Red Golf Carts Incorporated.

He has received many awards for his company as well as his works on economics and philosophy, including his major influence on Financial Independence.


Bobble was originally the infamous cat smuggler with a large obsession with red golf carts. This obsession grew and with the money earned from smuggling cats he bought out a golf cart manufacturer to help him create his own Red Golf Carts. This lead him to be the founder of Red Golf Carts Incorporated and the Red Golf Carts Club group.

At the start of his career he had an extremely difficult time managing the company as it seemed like he was always losing more money then he was making. It was in this moment when he realized what the problem was, he wasn't financially independent. After learning the ways of Financial Independence, his company started expanding at an exponential rate.


Bobble was created by both Sdaerf, an old chat member from the old old SCP:CB and SCP RP wiki, and Cridone.

He was originally created by some random discourse between Zabinyan, Cridone, and Sdaerf about an image of a cat. Sdaerf then sated the one smuggling the cats is the infamous cat smuggler Bobble the Bomb. Cridone then used this character in multiple RPs, Bobble's appearances being random and out of nowhere, which lead to Sdaerf saying he's similar to the G-Man from Half-Life. This made Cridone imagine Bobble as just a business man with a bomb for a head, which was eventually turned into an actual image.

Bobble is the earliest character to be created, predating all the other characters in the Jorgeverse. However, he is not the first character to become a meme officially recognized in the universe.