Jarion Monroe
Sex Male
Occupation(s) Team Jorge

Jarion Monroe is a middle-aged man known for having a strange obsession with his own name and face. He is a permanent member of Team Jorge as well as one of the three founding members of the Alliance of the Jorge. He is also the inventor of many numerous critically acclaimed inventions and devices, leading him to be become one of the most iconic members of the company.


Jarion Monroe was originally a washed-up actor that was trying to find his place in the world. Nobody wanted nor cared about him mostly due to his obsession with himself. He was almost ready to quit his job and join the Major League Decowation, until he found out about Team Jorge.

Here, he was able to achieve his one true life long dream, creating new technologies to help Jorge. He went on to become a valued member of the company and support immensely in the company's inner workings, such as inventing new forms of Jorge-based coffee and potatoes makers, in addition to various other machines capable of increasing Jorge's exposure. He has gone on to sell many of his creations, leading to become the only person in the company to ever win an award for his work. He also became close friends with Jorge himself and Kalle Havumäki, both of whom were very impressed by his work.

He then later assisted Jorge and Kalle in creating The Alliance of the Jorge and has continued to develop technology inside the Gorge Forged by Jorge.


Jarion Monroe is in actuality a professional actor, known specifically in this case as the voice actor for the character Doctor Michael Kaufmann in the game Silent Hill. While browsing the Silent Hill Wiki one night while being very sleeping, CommanderMark began repeating the phrase "JARION... MONROE..." over and over again on the chat, up until a point where Mangle was constantly yelling at him to shut the fuck up.

The phrase began popping up quite often afterwards on the chat. Whenever Mangle poses a question, CommanderMark's first response is to say "JARION... MONROE...", to which Mangle will respond with a humorous moan.