Mexican Virus
Mexican Virus
Artist depiction of the Mexican Virus.
Sex Tacoian
Occupation(s) Team Jorge

The Mexican Virus is a disease that initially plagued Team Jorge before becoming a permanent member of the company.


The Mexican Virus is transmitted through air and water. It can be spotted and categorized by a number of criteria. Each criteria represents a different aspect of Mexican culture. They are as follows:

  • The addition of a sombrero atop any person's head.
  • Skin colour of all people turning yellow.
  • Maracas in the hands of each person.
  • The entire scenario changing into one in which the people in the photograph are jumping a border or line.

The Mexican Virus also has a physical form, which can only travel via the 4th dimension, making it impossible for us to view it. However using technology developed in the Gorge Forged by Jorge, we are able to get very faint sightings of it. The mean of the sightings appear to be a black square wearing a sombrero and a pair of 3D glasses (presumably to allow the wearer to view the 3rd dimension).


By the time Team Jorge became fancially independent and stable, the overall popularity of the company was on a decline. Jorge and Kalle Havumäki struggled to get the company back on its feet but nothing seemed to work. It was here where the Mexican Virus struck.

Although the Mexican Virus was considered bad at first for Team Jorge, Jorge saw some potential in having the virus on our side, so he decided to try reverse engineering it. This proved successful and the Mexican Virus was further used to enhance the team's propaganda. Afterwards, the overall sales of their propaganda did not increase by much, but the company's popularity has been on a steady rise ever since.

As of now the Mexican Virus is used to help ward off the attacks on Team Jorge's headquarters from Major League Decowation. To date the HQ has been successfully defended every time by an army of Red Golf Carts fused with the Mexican Virus.


Once it was discovered that Juanjpro was both of Argentinian descent and a hispanophone, CommanderMark began humorously calling him a Mexican. This lead to Cridone and Juan creating a bunch of Mexican themed images which lead to the idea that Mexican was a form of disease taking over our memes.

The image seen in the infobox was created by Juanjpro, after he realized that all of his steam avatars consisted of either a black box or a pair of 3D glasses, to which he combined with a sombrero and pair of maracas.