"My name is Pickles. Bitches like Pickles."
Sex Unsuccessful
Relative(s) Jorge(Father)
Occupation(s) Team Jorge (unofficially)

Pickles is a small child who possesses a huge sex drive. He is the son of Jorge and is an unofficial member of Team Jorge.


Not much is known about Pickles. He was born and raised for the first two years of his life in Georgia, US inside Team Jorge's headquarters. Although he is classified as a member of Team Jorge in the database, he is not officially one due to the Jorge Union Act, which prohibits a person's placement until the person themselves makes the choice to join the company, which in itself can only take place once they are over the age of 18.

Pickles continued on being taught the ways of Jorge under his supervision. Unfortunately due to the company's nature Jorge couldn't be with his son always, leading him to wander around and site unsupervised. This lead to him mysteriously adopting a sexual predator-like attitude around the age of two and a half, though he hasn't committed anything serious yet. Jorge is expecting him to grow out of it.

By the time Pickles was 4 Jorge had realized that he simply didn't have enough time to managed both the company and his son at the same time. After calling for a company meeting to decide who would take care of of Pickles, Bobble was chosen due to his eagerness for wanting the task and the fact that Jorge and Bobble have a close relationship.

Before Pickles left Jorge gave his son a sample of the Mexican Virus, telling him to use it whenever he encountered danger. As of now Pickles is still living inside the Red Golf Carts industries factory.


Pickles' name comes from the name of a character on [REDACTED]. In the vain of Charles, CommanderMark began repeatedly saying "PICKLES..." on chat, eventually leading to the character's creation. His popular catchphrase came from Mangle, who suggested it when the group was discussing Pickles' origin and image.

Pickles' image was pulled from a google search while CommanderMark was searching "Gage Allen". The first result on image search was the photo you currently see in the infobox. After laughing about the image being associated with Gage, Cridone suggested making it Pickles' official image.