The HugBox Initiative
The HugBox Initiative
Mission Statement To clone Lotims' passion for short films.
Founder(s) Gage ("Lotims") Allen

The HugBox Initiative is a project developed by Gage ("Lotims") Allen. The goal of this initiative was to generate 1000 clones of Lotims, designated as "Hugs".


Sociopathic BeginningsEdit

When Lotims was 17, he created the first trailer for SCP - Containment Breach after murdering Regalis for not letting him make it at first. After the overwhelming praise he got for his work on the trailer, his personality underwent a major change. At this point he had begun developing his inert sociopathic tendencies, which took over his entire mind shortly after.

Lotims became so obsessed with himself that he wanted to start cloning himself in order to preserve his passion for short films. This lead to him starting The HugBox Initiative.

Clone #0905Edit

Like all other Hug clones, #0905's objective was to go out into the world and grow up to be exactly like Lotims, so as to maintain the sociopath's legacy. However as time went on this particular Hug clone began developing oddities not witnessed in previous clones.

It appeared as though the Lotims genes were clashing with some entirely new recessive genes, causing the new genes to take prominence over Lotims'. Due to the nature of the Lotims genes, they are unable to function appropriately without all of them being present, causing Hug #0905 to further distance his persona from Lotims'. Furthermore, many of his brain cells underwent massive deterioration, causing the brain to become severely underdeveloped among other defects.

This Hug clone was ultimately cut loose from the Lotims program to avoid any connections between them. He ended up being the last clone created, as Lotims shut down the project shortly after, citing moral concerns as the primary reason for doing so.

Clone RepositoryEdit

Hug #0001 - #0099
Hug #0100 - #0199
Hug #0200 - #0299
Hug #0300 - #0399
Hug #0400 - #0499
Hug #0500 - #0599
Hug #0600 - #0699
Hug #0700 - #0799
Hug #0800 - #0899
Hug #0900 - #0905


One night CommanderMark, Cridone and Awesomeguy147 were watching old vlogs from Hug. After seeing his shall we say, erratic behavior, CommanderMark came up with the idea of him being a clone of Lotims, due to his dad (seen briefly in one of the vlogs) having the same 70s hairstyle as Lotims. This later evolved into the idea that he was a malfunctioning clone with brain growth problems.

Cridone coined the idea of the "0905" in his name being his designation, as the 905th clone. This also lead to the idea of there being 1000 clones planned. Cridone also came up with the idea of the project's name, getting the name HugBox Initiative after Hug's studio named HugBox TGM.

Gallery Edit

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